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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

3^F introduces themselves from Italy

Hi guys!

We’re the 3^F, Istituto Comprensivo number 2 in Ortona.


While ourselves we are introducing
somebody is a poem creating

only used for educational purposes
So let’s keep in touch through this blog
Bye for now

Laboratorio eTwinning

... Alessandro, Eleonora, Ludovica, Lorenzo...
Francesco, Matteo, Tommaso, Teodoro...
Natascia, Luisa, Giulia e Maria Pia ...







1 comment:

  1. Here our "poem" !!! :)

    Hello everybody
    Beautiful and ugly
    We are 3F and while ourselves we are introducing
    All together we are a poem creating

    We are all different guys, we can’t deny
    Confident, friendly, smart and shy
    We are twenty three altogether
    And we’ll be friend for ever

    We help each other and what a mess in class!
    So sometimes teachers shout at us
    Cause they don’t want us to be lazy

    We’re just having fun, please don’t be crazy!
    Please don’t wait for the monsoon,
    And write to us very soon...