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Friday, February 8, 2013

Festival fun for everyone - Italy

We’re famous for our festivals during the year.

One of the most popular in Italy is the Carnival, very popular between Italian and foreign visitors.

The Carnevale d’Abruzzo  takes place in Francavilla Al Mare, a small town near Ortona.

Celebrated  since 70thins,   this Carnival used to be called “winter festival”. It attracts hundreds of visitors every year and it is one of the top carnivals, togheter with Venice and Viareggio for the quality of its performance, art and creative talent.

It takes place in February and the main day is Martedì Grasso or fat Tuesday

Those people of Francavilla take a great effort dazzle visitors with  “carri allegorici” and masks that are a satire of most italian polititians.

Reccomendation: don’t wear expensive clotes because young local people use to trough farina and confetti!

We usually say that anything goes at Carnival!

Ops … we had just received word of an invasion of strange beings here in Ortona ... Alessandro, the student of third class effe received in his mobile this message and photo… 

  “wait for us ... we are coming!”

made by tool GIMP

Who are they? ... enemies or friends?

Ops... Raffaele and Lorenzo, students of third class D,  received a very strange news today, Carnival: today the end of the world!

made by tool GIMP


and finally from Valerio 3d

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